5 Best Customer Support Tools for Startup in 2016

Dec 02, 2015

In today’s business climate, there are a few good reasons why every small business owner should invest more time and energy into customer support services.

More and more organizations are providing customer service tools to encourage consumers to have a greater interaction with their brand. In this article, we list 5 useful customer services technologies you can use to empower your customers and to foster an environment for future success.

  1.  Intercom  is one place for every team in an internet business to communicate with customers, on their website, inside web and mobile apps, and by email.
  2.  Help.com  makes live chat software designed for growing companies to help with customer support and lead management.
  3.  HelpScout is a help desk invisible to customers, that helps companies deliver outstanding customer support.
  4.  Zendesk is a leading cloud-based customer service software solution to build a help center and to provide live chat.
  5.  Groove is built on the belief that customer support software should be simple, powerful and hassle-free, and that it should be easy for awesome businesses to provide equally awesome support.

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