Best Cities to Launch a Startup in the USA

Dec 23, 2015

Launching a new business is never easy. However,where you choose to set up shop can make all the difference. Some cities are a mess of red tape, while others are practically a recipe for success.

According to Tom Post,the convergence of a number of economic conditions and consumer trends has hatched a business environment in the U.S. To determine which U.S. cities are the most amenable to the wave of small business owners that will establish local roots in the upcoming years, he has developed a set of criteria based on data available within Radius.

Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area have long been the world leaders in high-tech startups, giving rise to cutting-edge companies from Apple and Intel to Google, Facebook, and Twitter. But recent years have seen the rise of an increasingly potent group of cities around the world that are generating new startups in creative and unique ways.

For the last years,Compass,a company that provides metrics software for startups around the world, has compiled an exhaustive global ranking of the best startup ecosystems.

In this article, we quote the main seats to launch a startup in USA according to the Compass report.

  • Silicon Valley

The area dominates in terms of its access to technical talent, its availability of investment and the valuation of startups on the scene.


  • New York

New York has jumped up three places in the global rankings since the 2012 report, partly as a result of the fact that the city is the most popular destination for non-U.S. startups to open a second office.


  • Los Angles

Though lesser-known than Silicon Valley for its startup culture, Los Angles has produced some massive companies: most notably SnapChat and Tinder. Its proximity to Hollywood may have something to do with the creativity that drives the startup scene.


  • Boston

Boston is an exceptionally educated city. With Harvard, M.I.T. of the class of 1962 and several other high-performing universities on its doorstep, it’s no wonder that Boston entrepreneurs are 6% more likely to have a Ph.D. than in Silicon Valley.



  • Chicago

Chicago, according to the report, is both one of the fastest growing regions for tech startups, and one of the most undervalued by venture capitalists. The city, however, is one of the mostprogressive, and is a special good spot for female businesswomen – 30% of business founders are female in Chicago, compared to18% globally.


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