Best 5 Employee Management Tools for startup in 2016

Dec 15, 2015

You might not realize it, but some of the best new tools available for business owners today were created by startups. Here are 5 tools which could make your business better.

These top 5 employee management tools will help you grow your startup in 2016:

  •  Slackis an easy-to-use searchable-team communication platform that integrates existing software, which your team is probably already using, depending on which features are needed.


  • TinyPulse: To keep a pulse on employee happiness and loyalty,TinyPulse is a B2B SaaS employee survey product owned and operated by  . It offers weekly employee happiness surveys.


  • AnyPerk: To show AnyPerkprovides,to companiesof any size, high-quality employees perks including discounts and VIP treatment in fitness, telecom, entertainment, and travel.


  • When I Work: To build employees schedules and communicate with your team. This tool aims to schedule hourly employees agenda as easy as possible. You can easily create and send out work schedules for the next week on a mobile or from your computer.


  •  JazzTo hire and onboard your employees.Jazz helpsyou in recruiting and hiring easily and efficiently, no matter how your company is growing.




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