Free tools to launch a startup

Dec 30, 2015

Building startups can be hard. It’s worth it, but it is definitely not easy.For many entrepreneurs, launching their startup means trying to execute big ideas with a small budget.

He/She will undoubtedly have the passion, the determination and guts that every entrepreneur needs to begin a new business adventure, but if he/she wants his/her startup to survive, then he/she also needs to be equipped with the right tools to succeed.

Fortunately, the rise of Web 2.0 has resulted in a stack of free apps and services aimed at helping entrepreneurs to get your business off the ground without needing to buy massive software suites.

There are endless free and useful products online that can help entrepreneurs to launch and to build their startup.

Communication tools

  • Slack– Communication done the right way, complete with a horde of addictive integrations.
  • in– Video conferencing made super simple, no excuses.

Email tools

  • MixMax– Making email better, or at least more efficient, with tracking, automation and more.
  • Boomerang– Email not important right now? Tell it to check back in an hour.
  • MailChimp– Drags and drops newsletter design and easy analytics.
  • Revue– Sends everyone a good-looking, weekly newsletter curated by you.
  • Sortd– Smart email management skin within Gmail.

Finance tools

  • Wave– Your one-stop shop for accounting, invoicing, personal finance and more.
  • Abukai– Quick and simple expense reporting.
  • Shoeboxed– Digital document management to manage expensessans
  • Payment Evolution– Payments and payroll all wrapped up in one pretty package.

Fundraising tools

  • Angel List– Connecting platform for investors, startups, and job seekers.
  • Fundica– Find the right funding fast.
  • Impact Money Finder– Comprehensive list of non-dilutive funding options (Canada).
  • Kickstarter– Crowdfunding for creative projects everywhere.
  • Frontfundr– Letting crowdfunders get a piece of the pie with Equity crowdfunding.
  • Indiegogo– The world’s largest global crowdfunding site no matter what you’re funding.
  • Generosity– Indiegogo’s fundraising spinoff for human goodness.
  • Gust– Get connected to the world’s largest network of investors.


Marketing tools

  • Picatic– Event marketing made easy and beautiful.
  • Typeform– Intuitive and good-looking surveys.
  • Optimizely– Easy A/B testing on Web and mobile.
  • Wistia– A video marketing platform that looks great.
  • Ad Calculator– How much should you actually spend on advertising?
  • Hive– Nicely organized link analytics and customizations.

Networking tools

  • Rapportive– Linkedin via Gmail on your sidebar.
  • Archively– Collaborative networking and people discovery with your team.
  • Founder Dating– Connect with cool people to grow or co-found your business.

Pitching tools

  • 10-20-30 Deck Rules– Guy Kawasaki’s guide to a killer presentation.
  • Pitch Envy– The best inspiration for your next deck.
  • to– Create a great looking pitch deck and get your idea across.
  • Slidebean– Self-designing slide decks.
  • Haiku Deck– Create super simple presentations that look great.

Resource Site tools

  • Medium– A smart community for life lessons, tools, musings, and more.
  • Supply– Even more free tools to help you get started.
  • Startup Stash– Curated resources and tools for every startup.
  • ProductHunt– The hitlist of the web for all things product.



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