How to generate buzz?

Jan 06, 2016

There are thousands upon thousands of articles out there about how to get the word out. SEO, content marketing, user experience (UX), social media, and standard advertising channels, all of them playa role. But there is a secret sauce too. It is called buzz.

Buzz marketing is the concept of creating promotional campaigns that make people talk about your brand.

The goal is to create marketing materials that generate buzz byword of mouth. Instead of paying one person to see your ad, each person you reach goes on to tell 10 of his/her friends.

So what’s the difference between buzz marketing and traditional marketing?

The difference is that the buzz marketinggoal is to get people to talkabout your brand – not just to make people aware that your brand exists.Generating buzz is not completely random. There is a science to have people talk about your business, and it is something you can learn to do.

In this article we quote some tools to generate a buzz:

  • BuzzStream– Track conversations with writers, including emails and social media, and the articles they write.


  • TweetDeck– Create feeds of reporters/bloggers and better social media management.

tweet Deck logo

  • Cision– Reporters/journalists/bloggers contact information – basically one giant database to comb through.

cision logo

  • Google Alerts– Set up alerts based on keywords to tracknew results as they appear on the internet.

google buzz

  • Newsle– Interesting startup that tracks you when you appear in the news. If you are constantly quoted, it is a good service to try.

newsle logo

  • Help A Reporter Out (HARO) – One of the easiest ways to see what reporters need help on and what stories they are currently working on.

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